Repair and Valuation

Do you have a diamond ring with a gem that’s dropped out or a necklace that needs restringing? Or perhaps your clock has stopped and the ticker just won’t work properly, and the once-happy chime is sounding rather sorry for itself? Not to worry, Leymans Jewellers in Exeter provide a quality and, dare we say, time-served repair service.

We can re-size rings on site, change your watch batteries whilst you wait, and add or remove links from your chains and bracelets to fit accordingly.

We have the experience

Our experienced and qualified staff can also provide you with expert valuations of your watches, clocks and jewellery, enabling you to place unwanted items for sale, or have them insured against loss or damage.


Have your items valued for the purpose of probate, selling or insuring against loss, theft or damage.

We utilise the services of T.H. March to ensure the jewellery that you as a customer place in our expert hands, for the purposes of valuing and repair, is protected.